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Juvederm Ultra 2 Lidocaine (2 x 0.55ml)

(9 customer reviews)


9 reviews for Juvederm Ultra 2 Lidocaine (2 x 0.55ml)

  1. Freya Brennan

    An optimal product to rejuvenate a patient’s face by means of restoring its volume. Trustworthy manufacturer, good composition, and durable result. 5 out of 5, without any doubt.

  2. Jayden Glover

    Customers ask for this product all the time. They are always happy and ask for Ultra 2 by name because they read about it on magazines. Probably the best and most popular dermal filler

  3. Lauren Chamberlain

    I called in and got a very good price. The product arrived in good condition. Thank you

  4. Chelsea Bray

    I use this product for my patients’ most severe signs of aging, and they are always happy with the results. While I have mainly used it in the smile and marionette lines, I have also used it effectively for acne scars and lip augmentation in younger patients. I like that the effects are reversible and always keep hyaluronidase on hand just in case. Thanks for the great service, beauty filler store

  5. Shannon Parsons

    I promised to drop a review when I start reaping the benefits of this products I got from your website I’m so happy I took my chance to buy from you guys ,I just wish everyone on the internet was as honest as you guys.Thank you for your service and the delivery too was super fast

  6. Leo Bevan

    Using both botox and a filler works well

  7. Francesca Dyer

    I recently purchased 15 packages of Juverderm Ultra 2 from beauty filler store and I am impressed by the price, customer service, shipping time and product performance.

  8. Evie Whitehead

    This product is very easy to use. Comes ready for application right off the box. Thanks for suggesting it

  9. Lily Cross

    Good and reliable product. It is very popular so customers always ask for it. Great for patients new to dermal fillers because they trust it. A most have

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